Let Thom's Turkey be your your restaurant of choice for Lunch, Dinner, Staff Meetings, Special Events, Family Reunion and Holiday Parties.  

Located in Country Club Hills, Illinois since 2009, it is our pleasure to serve our community and surrounding communities with our Grilled Turkey menu selections and more. 

Thom’s Turkey and Barbeque offers a variety of delicious menu selections for our customers. Our goal is to always provide succulent, tender, delicious, healthy homemade meal selections for our customers. Thom’s Turkey & Barbecue offers healthy menu items in an effort to reduce the public health crisis of obesity. 

Turkey breast meat is less calorie-dense than chicken, beef or pork, which means that it has fewer calories for the same size serving. Reducing calories, with lean protein like turkey, helps individuals maintain a healthy body weight. Moreover, the turkey breast meat is low in fat, with no saturated fat, protein rich, and nutrient base. 

Thom’s Turkey and Barbeque has more than just Turkey, our meat menu also includes other tender grilled meat items as follows: chicken, beef, pork and seafood. Our extended menu consists Turkey burgers, Turkey Tacos, sandwiches, grilled turkey, chicken salads, and grilled fish for tasty lunch and dinner selections. In addition, we provide an array of side items that include Baked Beans with Ground Turkey, Coleslaw, Collard Greens, Green Beans with Turkey, Mac and Cheese, and Dirty Rice with Ground Turkey.

Thom’s Turkey and Barbeque is in a great location in front of Wal-Mart next door to the CD One Price Cleaners. As you approach the restaurant, you are lured with the hickory- smoked charcoal aroma of grilled specialties. There is plenty of parking available for our customers and our welcoming team awaits your visit.

Thank You For Your Support!!

For the past 7 years Thom's Turkey has been a staple in Country Club Hills. We'd like to take the time out to thank our customers for supporting our business. We look forwad to providing you with nothing but the best in service and quality food. Bon-appetit! 

Thom's Turkey

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